Tournament info

This year´s Grand Prix Dorhout Mees will be even bigger than last! Wednesday the 8th of August will be the first official training day for this year´s competition-  € 10,00 per 25 targets.

200 Compact

On Thursday the 9th and Friday the 10th we will be hosting a 200 Compact Event Shot over 8 separate layouts, 100 targets each day, 6 persons squads with time table. This event is limited to 216 shooters!

Entry fee: € 150,00
Juniors: € 100,00

Friday evening we will open the main sporting event during the Captains Dinner starting at 19:00 hours.

200 Sporting

The main event will be shot on the 11th and 12th of August over 8 separate 25 target layouts, each with 4 stands. The main event will consist of 100 targets on Saturday and 100 targets on Sunday, 6 persons squads with time table.

The top 6 scores will be shooting a Super Final over 25 targets on Sunday.

This number of available spots in this event is limited to 384 Shooters.

Entry fee: € 195,00
Juniors: € 130,00

Champions League

On Saturday the 11th of August we will be hosting the Champions League, the Top 8 Shooters from 8 different countries of the fun shoot will compete “head to head” for this year’s Champions League title!


Monday the 13th of August we offer you to RE-SHOOT the main competition!

At the end of the main competition there is always a lot of cleaning up to do. All traps will have clays left and we now offer you to help us to empty these traps. These traps will not be filled during the re-shoot but have enough left for you to re-shoot some or all of the targets that you have already shot during the main competition. This will be the ultimate training!

You can enroll for the re-shoot during the tournament by the match table.

Entry Fee: € 65,00 unlimited clays, All you can shoot!!
(Re-Shoot is only for shooters that shot the compact and the sporting competition.)

For the DIE-HARDS we are offering the following:
Entry fee 200 Compact & 200 Sporting € 330,00, Juniors € 200,00


Golf cart rentals

We have managed to cooperate with a supplier for golf cart rentals.
If you would like to rent a golf cart during the Grandprix please contact A1 golf cart rentals.

Click here to reserve a golf cart for the Grandprix!